Sunday, 6 November 2011

Number 4!

I hate number four.
It's the worst number, the worst word, the worst symbol.
Every single bad thing of mine is related to it.
Last friday was 4th November, and I had to write a Quemistry exam at university. I was terrified, not because the examen itself but of the day. I was scared that something could happen, and something did. When I arrived the train station around 8:25 am, there was a lot of people on the platform, and a mechanical voice said something like the next train would leave at 8:40 am. But there was no train there. I asked a woman, and she answered that there was a fault on a train, in Atocha. Then I looked at the computer screen, next to the clock, and I realized that the last train they were anouncing was the train that leaves at 8:04 am, so it never came.
I felt nervous. Why was that happening to me the same day I had an exam? Because it was day number 4! Of course. I do not like believing in this kind of things, but this is starting to scare me. Seriously.
Anyway I have to say that it was not so bad in the end. The train left at 8:40 am as they said, and I arrived at 9:30 at university. It run fast, and it never stopped for more than 3 minutes, something weird when it comes at early morning trains.
But 4 still scares me.

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